Welcome to RiggMusic, home page for 
Pete Rigg, maker of Nyckelharpas and Celtic 
Jig-Run-Rig ceilidh band.

Hammer Dulcimer

Hammer Dulcimer in mahogany and sycamore with cedar soundboard. Bridges turned from walnut and yew.

Based on drawings by Andy Butterworth and adapted by me for playing in pub sessions.

Hurdy Gurdy

Lute Backed Hurdy-Gurdy in cherry and sycamore with inlay and fittings in rosewood, yew and holly.

Based on an instrument after Decante et Cailhe à Jenzat Presgannat (Allier) No.1104 c 1865 as restored and drawn by Andy Butterworth.

Celtic Harp

Celtic Harp in mahogany with sycamore trim and semitone levers by Peter Brough.

Based on the drawings of ‘The Clàirseach’ by Geoff Bowers and Andy Butterworth and altered to my own design.